20% off any regular price massage on your first appointment.

Events & OnSite / Corporate Massage

One-Time "Event" Rates:

 There is a minimum charge of $75 for events, not including travel fee. Travel up to 60 minutes one way is included, additional travel fee  applies for longer distances. Maximum "hands-on" time is six hours per event - which is equivalent to twenty-four 15-minute sessions (this does not include set up time, "client intake", etc.)

Fully Clothed Sessions: Cost $1.20/minute:
Allow approx five minutes between sessions for scheduling
                         - $12 per 10 minute session
                          - $18 per 15 minute session
                          - $24 per 20 minute session
                          - $36 per 30 minute session
"Traditional" Massage Sessions at an event:
Allow approx fifteen minutes between sessions. Cost:
                          - $40 per 30 minute session
                          - $75 per 60 


"On-Site" chair massages are short seated massages performed at your companies facility. Participants remain fully clothed, relaxing on an ergonomically designed massage chair while a trained Florida Licensed Massage Therapist addresses their areas of tension and stress.

Recipients usually receive a treatment of the shoulders, neck, upper back, arms and hands - those areas that hold the most stress and tension. Hygienic supplies used include washable or disposable face covers, disinfectants and sanitizers. Fully clothed "table" massage sessions are a popular option, and may be offered in addition to or instead of seated sessions. Sessions on the massage table allow treatment of low back, hips, legs and face, in addition to the areas accessible on the massage chair.

Your therapist comes directly to your location and sessions generally last 15 minutes, perfect for break time! This is an easy wellness program to participate in and to promote.  All you need to do is relax and enjoy.  All the company needs to do is to provide a room or area and space for a sign-up form.

Preferred Client Rate:

- Available, to local businesses and organizations scheduling weekly visits of at least 4 hours of service per visit and remitting a single payment.

Our lowest rate: Perfect for company sponsored events or for co-pay or employee pay through payroll deduction or internal collection.

On-Site Seated Massage Rates

Please call or Email Us for a price quote as rates varies by location, number of participants, number and length of massage sessions, frequency of visits and whether your organization is remitting one payment for the visit or payment is collected from individual participants.      

Maximum cost $1.20/minute:                           

- $12 per 10 minute session                            

- $18 per 15 minute session                            

- $24 per 20 minute session                            

- $36 per 30 minute session                           

- Minimum charge of $75 per visit       

Reduced fees for regularly scheduled visits